Here it is!!! Our annual list of the best Christmas light displays in south central Wisconsin. This is THE definitive list in Dane County. Light displays in Madison, Middleton, Verona, Waunakee, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, Monona, and many more locations are right here. Check out the list and the map below and enjoy the holiday season!

If there are other great light displays in your area that belong on our list, email

3784 Token Rd, Burke

2712 Nightingale Lane, Cottage Grove

451 N. Main St, Cottage Grove (set to music 88.5 FM. Also a Santa’s workshop)

4682 Brown Thrush Trail, Cottage Grove, WI (set to music)

13906 Elaine Dr., Evansville

Campion Ct. & Garfield Ave., Evansville (set to music)

2984 Cassidy Ct, Fitchburg (light show to music – 12 songs, 40 min, tune radio to 89.1 FM to hear music in your car)

Rotary Gardens, Janesville

9 Hartford Ct., Madison

1025 S. Whitney Way, Madison

3276 S. High Point Road, Madison

7718 Gray Fox Trail, Madison

3502 Marcy Road, Madison

2550 Upham St., Madison

214 N. Yellowstone Drive, Madison

Fantasy In Lights – Olin Park, 1156 Olin-Turville Court, Madison

University Avenue at University Bay Drive, Madison

Henry Vilas Zoo, 702 S. Randall, Madison

2101 Jefferson St., Madison

2218 Center Ave., Madison

2109 E. Dayton St., Madison

535 South Shore Drive, Madison

613 Topaz Lane, Madison

7006 Colony Drive, Madison (set to music)

5110 Regent St., Madison

2826 McKenna Blvd, Madison

5204 Maher Ave., Madison

4289 Dicky Lane, Madison

2926 Sachs Street, Madison

6 Wallingford Cir, Madison

6202 Sharpsburg Drive, Madison (set to music)

1422 Fremont Avenue, Madison

9018 Settlers Road, Middleton

7618 W. Hampstead Court, Middleton

7106 Cardinal Dr, Middleton

Blackstone Court, Middleton

4205 Maher Ave., Monona

907 Progressive Lane, Monona

907 Progressive Lane, Monona

503 Falcon Cir, Monona

214 S. 8th St., Mount Horeb

704 E. Main, Mount Horeb

113 Robyn Ridge, Mount Horeb

3033 Bergum Road, Mount Horeb

3636 Casara Road, Oregon

314 Birch Ct., Oregon

436 5th St., Prairie du Sac

1605 Fairview Dr, Prairie du Sac

Richland Center Rotary Lights in the Park, Krouskop Park, Richland Center, WI

401 E. Main St, Stoughton (lights to music at Fire Dept)

550 Hawaii Lane, Sun Prairie

802 Whalen Rd, Verona

3760 Caribou Rd, Verona

802 S. Century Ave., Waunakee

5558 Galway, Waunakee

4426 Snowy Ridge Trail, Windsor


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